Financial Modelling, Budgeting & Forecasting
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The foundation of any successful business is accurate and robust financial information.

It is essential that a business has a view of its projected financial situation days, weeks, months, and where appropriate years ahead. Budgets and forecasts should be used on an ongoing basis to reflect the up to date information available to project profitability and cash flow. By utilising forecasting as a key tool for your business, this can alert you to any possible issues further down the line. For example if sales are falling, what does this mean in respect of cash flow in two month’s time?

There are two key aspects to successful financial modelling and forecasting:

  • The first is, do you understand the business well enough to identify and model the key revenue, profit and cost drivers?
  • Secondly, does the model have sufficient sophistication to allow the modelling of each of the drivers and the effect they have on the business, and then produce a set of relevant measurable key performance indicators (KPIs)?

How robust is your budgeting and forecasting procedure, is your budgeting process and structure, a key management tool for your business, and does it allow you to proactively manage issues?

We can provide bespoke models designed to meet those needs, which take into account all the key factors affecting performance. We can also adapt or enhance your existing models, to changes in your business.

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