Business Valuations

If you have a successful business and are wondering "what's next," then choosing IBV as your advisors is the right choice. Experience tells us that most private business owners have much of their personal net worth tied up in their business, but they are unsure how much their business is worth. Unlike many business brokers who rely on large numbers of transactions and therefore look to sell businesses quickly even if there are further opportunities to exploit, we work with you to establish the true value of your business and establish ways to improve that value which can be implemented before the selling process begins.

A business valuation should be a professional review of a business to establish its real-world value and not based purely on an historical statistical ratio. This valuation can be built on and should provide the owners with greater knowledge and flexibility. A good business valuation identifies a business's key value drivers and anticipates what effect management decisions will have on value. Whether or not you ultimately decide to proceed with the sale process, unless you are happy to treat your business as being in "maintenance mode," there is no more important activity than increasing value.

Contact Us now to see how we can help you can maximise the value of your business by providing advice on valuation.

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