Part Time Finance Director
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Many small and medium sized businesses do not require, or cannot afford a full time Finance Director. If you are serious about growing your business you will benefit from the input of a Finance professional, they can provide value and make a real difference.

This service allows a business to have the expertise of an experienced Finance Director on a part time basis to suit the needs of the business. It is effectively an efficient "pay as you go service" with flexibility on time input to suit the requirement. You may have a specific requirement on an interim basis, need help with a particular project, or help in putting a business plan together to raise finance.

By having the input of an experienced Finance Director your business has a much greater chance of success, we will concentrate on identifying the real drivers of value in your business, and implement controls and procedures to support these. We will ensure the whole business structure from the ground up is focused on driving the business forward, maximising profitability, efficient cash flow and cost control.

The service provided can be a mixture of face to face assistance, and /or phone and email advice when required.

The typical benefits of the service include:

  • Review of strategy, planning, including preparation of business plans and forecasts
  • Review and improvement of systems and procedures to enhance management
  • Ensure the business structure has been considered to provide maximum protection at all times to assets
  • Strong financial management including cash flow, budgeting, cost control
  • Assisting in the raising of finance.
  • Preparing the business for acquisitions or sale
  • Succession planning
  • Assisting in the business growth plan and helping to avoid the pitfalls
  • Providing support to a struggling business to give direction and draw up a survival plan
  • Assistance with commercial negotiations
  • Implementation of change and improvement
  • An experienced business person to bounce ideas off

Contact Us now to see what difference a part time Finance Director could make to your business.

Link to Case Study

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