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In any business, whatever the size, pro-active Human Resources management is more critical than ever these days, as like it or not we live in a society where the employer is often seen as an easy target for a disgruntled employee.

Employment tribunal claims have increased considerably in recent years, so you need to ensure that you minimise your risk, by taking all necessary actions to reduce your exposure to tribunal claims and costs.

Pro-active Human Resources management is also an essential part of building a successful business in terms of how you manage your staff, incentivise and reward them, and create an environment where staff are happy and would encourage others to come and work with them.

Having run a number of businesses, the Partners of Inspired Business Vision have had first hand experience of HR management, including implementing policies and procedures, and dealing with issues that arise in everyday situations. We work closely with our professional partners who specialise in HR advice and management, so that whatever the size of your business you do not leave yourself exposed to claims from employees. If you are planning to sell your business in the future, one of the main areas any prospective purchaser will focus on is the HR management and employee position, because if there are risks in this area it can cause delay in the sale process, or result in a reduced price as potential claims can result in a substantial settlement in compensation if the employer has not followed correct procedures and practice. Remember, your employees are your greatest asset, but they can also be your biggest liability if you do not take a pro-active approach to HR management.

Inspired Business Vision are able to offer advice and support in the key areas of HR management as follows:

  • Development of a HR strategy linked to your Business Plan
  • HR policies and procedures
  • Recruitment
  • Employment contract compliance health check and HR audit
  • Appraisal systems, performance management, and staff development
  • Recognition and reward including benefit packages
  • Training
  • Redundancy & dismissal
  • Psychometric testing
  • Due diligence exercises
  • TUPE transfers

Contact Us now to see how we can help your business with HR and employment issues to ensure your business is protected.

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