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Legal documentation covers all areas of running a business, it should be at the forefront of your mind whenever you undertake anything that could have long term consequences for your business. Too many businesses think that nothing can go wrong, and do not believe that you may fall out with your fellow partners or shareholders, or that a customer may not pay you. Where possible all areas of the business should be covered by appropriate legal documentation to ensure that the possibility of a dispute is minimised, and to provide protection where for example there may be a death of the main shareholder / director.

Ensuring the correct legal documentation is in place to protect your business need not be costly, but the cost of not getting it in place may prove very costly at a later date. If you sell your business, purchasers will want to see all legal documentation that is in place, and having done things in a pro-active way can enhance your sale value. For example, if you have a formal contract with your biggest customer this will mean that the income stream is more secure, and hence come into the equation when discussing the value of your business. Having employees with contracts of employment with appropriate restrictive covenant clauses will mean they can’t go off and start a business taking all of your customers with them, a key consideration for any purchaser.

The Partners of Inspired Business Vision have been involved in numerous legal document situations covering every area of running, buying, and selling a business. They have seen the situations where documentation that is in place has proved invaluable in protecting the business, and likewise have seen the cases where none or inappropriate documentation was in place and the adverse impact it had on the business. We work with experienced lawyers who specialise in all aspects of legal documentation that you will require in your business. We are able to guide you as what may be appropriate, and are able to undertake much of the ground work required to prepare a document, with the benefit of our experience to ensure you put in place documentation to protect you and enhance the value of your business.

The areas where legal documentation is required are numerous, but some typical areas would be as follows:

  • Business start up
  • Partnership and Shareholder agreements
  • Contracts of employment
  • Customer and supplier contracts
  • Business terms and conditions
  • Website documentation
  • Raising finance and financial agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Property sale, purchase, and lease
  • Intellectual property
  • Acquisition and sale of businesses

Contact Us now to see how we can help you take a pro-active approach to legal documentation to ensure you protect your business.

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