Credit Insurance

The most important thing for any business is to maximise its cash flow. A key part of that should involve considering the impact on the business if one of its key customers were not to pay its debt for whatever reason.

Current economic conditions have increased pressure on companies trading on credit terms.  Strong credit risk management is essential to protect and promote business growth.  With the threat of bad debt increasing, companies need to fully understand their credit risk profile and ensure they have sufficient balance sheet and cash flow protection for their business.

Credit insurance covers the risk of non-payment of trade debt and provides frequent updates as to the status and ranking of your customers as analysed by independent credit risk managers.  Protection for political and pre-credit risk can also be added giving you the confidence to trade on credit terms in uncertain economic times.

The benefits of credit insurance are as follows:

  • Protects your P&L and balance sheet against non-payment risk.
  • Supports access to competitive finance and working capital.
  • Underpins your credit management function and supports corporate governance best practice.
  • Gives security in new markets allowing exporters to grow their business.
  • Provides invaluable customer insight based on up to date company and economic analysis from credit risk specialists.

Every business should ensure they consider the risk profile of their customers and the impact of bad debts.

Contact Us now to see how we can help your business with credit insurance advice. We work with our Partners to provide advice and competitive costs in providing cover.

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