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If you are serious about growing your business, one of the most important aspects of your business plan will be your sales and marketing plan. Without a sales and marketing plan, your business will not grow, marketing is an essential part of a growth strategy.
The partners of Inspired Business Vision have owned and managed businesses and have been involved in all aspects of sales and marketing plans personally. In today’s digital age, a suitable web presence is critical as part of an overall strategy, but don’t think that by having a website everyone will find your business, they wont!

Your marketing plan should be a clear, concise, and well thought out document that guides you through your marketing program. You should focus on the objective of your marketing and how you intend to accomplish that objective. Whether your company provides products or services, your marketing plan is essential to your success.

The six major elements to creating a successful marketing plan are listed below. Creating a marketing plan from these points can help you stay on track. You may only need only a sentence or two per section... or you might want to break each down into a few bullet points.

  • The Purpose
  • Your Target Customer
  • The Benefits of Your Product or Service
  • Your Positioning
  • Your Marketing Tactics
  • Your Marketing Budget

Keep your marketing plan simple.

Many small business owners get so involved in details that they lose sight of their goals. By keeping your plan simple, you will create a clear roadmap that focuses on what you need to accomplish.

Write your marketing plan down (as opposed to thinking about it and keeping it in your head).It is important to have a document that will remind you what you are trying to accomplish.

Be direct and be clear.

If you're not sure, ask a friend, relative, colleague or employee to read your plan. They should immediately grasp your goals.

Don't build in too much flexibility.

You may be tempted to plan for various market contingencies. If your market changes that quickly, then you should incorporate that into your plan. But create a strategy you can keep to - that's the purpose of having a plan in the first place.

Review your marketing plan often - quarterly or even monthly.

That doesn't mean you have to revise it every month. But take some time to evaluate it and make sure you're on track, however do not be frightened to revise it if on evaluation you can no longer see that it will succeed, even if you originally thought it was the correct decision.

Finally....never stop marketing!

Once you have your plan in place, you need to take action. Commit yourself to your marketing program. Don't let yourself stagnate. Keep at it, and you'll be giving your business the opportunity to flourish.

Contact Us now to see how we can help your business with sales and marketing advice. We work with our Partners who will provide advice and competitive costs to enable you to maximise your return on your investment in sales and marketing.


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