Data Management

Many businesses do not realise how the efficient management of its data can help improve their business by selected and targeted marketing, and aid a good communications plan with their customers and prospects. It is a fact that many SME’s do not possess a suitable database to assist their customer relationship management, and are missing out on a cost effective way to increase their business. A database is an integrated collection of data records, files, and other database objects which can provide valuable information on customers and prospects, and depending on the level of complexity can provide very useful management information.

In today’s digital age, data is everywhere and many businesses have websites which ask potential customers for information, but this information is then not utilised efficiently and accurately and an opportunity is missed. Every business however small should have a database which records basic information such as contact details, buying history, possible future services that may be required, etc, the more information recorded about a customer or prospect the better.

The Partners of Inspired Business Vision have been involved in a number of businesses where effective data management was crucial, and we understand the value and benefit that this can bring.

We work with Data Greenhouse an expert in the field of data management and data bases, and they can provide solutions to suit any data management situation.

Contact Us now to discover how we can help your business with its data management.

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